Private Roasting

Private Roasting

uniting your vision and our expertise to deliver the roast you desire

Privately Roasted Beans for Your Coffee Brand Did you know that Sinouk can roast coffee for your brand? If you’re looking for partner to roast high-quality private label coffee for the out-of-home market, Sinouk Coffee is the choice for you.

Selling coffee under your own brand’s name enhances your identity and sets you apart from the competition. We have all the experience to help you develop your Private Label project. With over 15 years of coffee roasting experience, we can help you create off the shelf coffee product in just weeks.

With our certified facility and licensed professionals, we can package your roasted coffee, portion packs and traditional bags, grind to your exact specifications, toll roast your green beans, or assist you in creating a custom product from scratch.

Based on our existing house blend coffees and flavor profiles, we will work together. You can also work with our sensory panel and lab specialist to develop a custom coffee flavor designed to showcase your unique coffee roast.